Welcome to Bastrop County WCID 3

Welcome to the Bastrop County WCID 3 website. Bastrop County WCID 3 is a political subdivision of the State of Texas and serves the residents of the Elm Ridge Subdivision. The powers of Bastrop County WCID 3 are limited to those expressly provided for in the Texas Water Code and the Texas Constitution, and there is significant oversight provided by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ).

Bastrop County WCID 3 seeks to:

  • Be responsive to resident questions and requests;
  • Require excellent performance and responsiveness from the consultants and contractors it engages;
  • Display transparency and community outreach by making Bastrop County WCID 3 documents/meeting information available through this website and encouraging attendance at the District’s board meetings.

Hurricane Preparedness Week, May 5-11, 2019

It only takes one storm to change your life and community. Tropical cyclones are among nature’s most powerful and destructive phenomena. If you live in an area prone to tropical cyclones, you need to be prepared. Learn how during Hurricane Preparedness Week (May 5-11, 2019). Hurricanes.gov/Prepare

Sunday, May 5- Determine Your Risk
Monday, May 6- Develop an Evacuation Plan
Tuesday, May 7- Assemble Disaster Supplies
Wednesday, May 8- Get an Insurance Checkup
Thursday, May 9- Strengthen Your Home
Friday, May 10- Help Your Neighbor
Saturday, May 11- Complete a Written Plan